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I got a hat! Where there never was a hat! And it's a Latin hat at that!:

Lin-Manuel Miranda Love

Lin-Man Well...

[tonys] lin


September 10th, 2008


people ;; midget

How come we aren't actively active? I just remebered that no one besides me's posted here. This is sad. It must be fixed. Seriouslyyyy.

Okay. I'm going to get us a little active around here. How about we all talk a little bit about ourselves and get to know each other? I just realized that I don't know like, any of you, and that should be fixed. Anyone who lives Lin is cool in my book.

Okay I'll start.

I'm Wayne, your friendly mod, and I run this amazing but slightly bare place. Lin's pretty much my hero. He's so inspiring and so so so talented. My favorite In The Heights song is either...Hundreds of Stories or When You're Home. But it switches alllllll the time. Anyway, yeah, Lin. He really deserves every fan, that tony, all the love, everything. He worked so hard to get this show where it is now and he's such an amazing person. Other then ITH, I love a bunch of other Broadway musicals and I spend most of my time on the internet and I'm an avid Big Brother watcher.

That's my little intro. Comment this post and say WHATEVER you want about yourself. And remember, no rude comments if you don't agree with someone. Keep it nice.

So yeah. Otherwise, post away! Please? I'd like to get this community up and running and fun.
Your lovely neighborhood mod,

July 9th, 2008


people ;; midget

Without further ado, I bring you the first icons I've ever made that I actually liked.

[34 Spring Awakening]
[10 In The Heights]


(Back at my journal)

X-posted...sorry =P

July 6th, 2008


people ;; midget
Yo, yo, yo y-y-yo-yo Now, now, everyone gather 'round sit down, listen I got an announcement!

Okay. Not really. But I just wanted to say hi to everyone that's joined so far. How is everyone? Hey! We now have an icon. It's Lin at the Tony's looking adorable. And I don't know who made it, so if you did, tell me and I'll credit you.

So yeah. Go Lin.

Uhm, yeah. Adios :]

July 4th, 2008


people ;; midget
Hello! Thought I'd kick off the community with a good old test post.

Join please! C'mon! To sorta quote/sorta tweak the words that Robin-Sonny says wonderfully in the song "In the Heights": You know you love...him! :]

Okay, let's the get the much-desvered Lin-love going!

Oh and if you have questions, comment this post and they will be answered as soon as possible.
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